Shabet overcomes adversity to make national competition

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Christina Shabet knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles in the world of gymnastics.

The Troy High School senior won the all-around Division 1 state championship in gymnastics this year and as a junior, too.

"It was really cool to win the state championship for my school," said Shabet. "I hadn’t heard of any Troy High gymnasts that had done that."

But Shabet said winning the state title this time around was far more difficult.

"A week before my high school states I was doing bells on bars, and I landed in a tight arch and hyper extended my back," said Shabet. "I strained it and there’s a pinched nerve, but I’ve been going to physical therapy."

"Perfect love is able to overcome everything," said Scott Moore, an assistant coach at GTC Gymnastics & Activity Center, who competed in gymnastics for University of Michigan in the 1980s.

"And so she just has that kind of love for this sport that she’s able to just push past, and most kids cannot do that.”

"Everyday in here is a five-and-a-half-hour practice," said Amanda Allen, who's a head coach for the upper level at GTC Gymnastics & Activity Center. "We travel on the weekends so on top of time management, you have to be willing to sacrifice friendships."

"You really don’t have time to hang out with friends," said Shabet. "I think that’s the biggest sacrifice I’ve made doing gymnastics.

The hard work and sacrifices continue to pay off for Shabet.

"She went on spring break for a week, and she comes back and gets second-place at regionals [and] makes the dream team for nationals," said GTC teammate CeCe Hermes, who attends Birmingham Seaholm.

"I mean, she’s just such an athletic girl. She’s known for her lacrosse; known for her gymnastics. It’s incredible.”

"I wasn’t expecting to make nationals at all so it’s a really big accomplishment," said Shabet. "I had my best meet all season for level nine."

"I know Christina has huge goals to be an orthopedic surgeon so that in itself is going to take up a lot of her time," said Allen.

"I'm in the engineering school at Michigan; that’s where I got accepted to," said Shabet. "So I was going to do bio medical engineering, and then hopefully pre-med."

"Michigan is a wonderful university," said Allen. "I couldn't be happier for her."