The Detroit Pistons aim for their sixth straight win at home tonight; defense will be key.

(WXYZ) - The Detroit Pistons still sit in fourth place in the Central Division, but the team has been playing much better in recent weeks.

Right now, the Pistons (6-13, 5-3 home) are on a hot streak at home – winning five straight games – and head coach Lawrence Frank thinks it could be more.

"[In the] Last five games I think we'd all agree that we've put ourselves in a position where we could have won," Frank said after practice Tuesday.

Pistons guard Kyle Singler agrees, attributing the improvement in record to the team playing better defense as of late.

Singler says, "In my opinion, we haven't changed much. We've just got more stops – plain and simple. It's the type of thing where you don't want to over think it."

Frank also talked about the team's improved defense, "That's who we are as a team. That's who we are as an organization. We're going to be a defensive team that shares the ball."

Tonight the Pistons will look to do something they haven't done in nearly five years – win six straight games at home. But it may be tough against the surprising Golden State Warriors (10-7, 4-4 away) who sit just one game out of first place in the Pacific Division.

Singler knows that defense will most likely play a key role again, especially if the Pistons struggle to score.

"We're going to have games when we struggle shooting; but it's nice to see that when we do struggle, we can still win, Singler added."

Frank went on to say, "You have to stand for something. We'll continue to work on our execution and get better on both ends.  We've shown that we're capable of doing it in stretches, and now we need to continue to sustain it, and continue our habits to get better."

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