The Legend of Spike: Michigan's Albrecht looks to write new chapter in his story

MILWAUKEE - In March, it only takes one game for a college basketball player to become a legend.

Last year, Spike Albrecht only needed 11 minutes.

"That's what sports are all about, especially college basketball. Because honestly, who the hell knew of me before that game?" Albrecht laughed Wednesday.

That game was the National Championship. And event though Michigan is back in the tournament, attention from last year is still on Spike.

It will always be on Spike.

Because it was one of those performances you don't forget.

Shot after shot, surprise after surprise, Albrecht stormed off the bench to score 17 points out of virtually nowhere. In a blink of an eye, The Legend of Spike Albrecht was born.

The 11 minutes were a reminder of why we love the game, and why we love this time of year. Coaches preach it all year: work hard and your time will come.

"It was just funny because he kinda just blends in, he's a six-foot white kid, just looks like a normal student at school," Nik Stauskas explained.

"After that game he couldn't walk around anywhere without people knowing who he was."

There's a new Big Ten commercial out, featuring Spike's momentous rise to fame. He said there is some good to take away from that night, but there's also some bad. He reached out to Kate Upton on Twitter after the game, and said jokes about that haven't stopped.

"Personally, I don't think about (the game) too much. One way or another someone brings it up to me all the time. It's with me forever now, I guess," he said.

Glenn Robinson III knew Albrecht before the two arrived at Michigan. Seeing his friend shine in that moment, he described it in one word.


This Michigan team is full of familiar faces from last year's national runner-up group. Most of those faces, like Spike's, were on the bench for most of the Final Four run. Now it's time to carve out a new legend.

"He literally became an overnight celebrity," Stauskas said of Albrecht. "One game can change your whole team."

The unlikely tale doesn't resonate with Albrecht much. He'd rather finish what he started in Atlanta that crazy night.

"It pushes you and drives you that much more, because you want to get back to that point," he said.

In Spike's eyes, The Legend of the Michigan Wolverines is still being written.

Brad Galli is a Sports Reporter for WXYZ Detroit. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradGalli

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