Tom Izzo asks for more out of MSU guard Branden Dawson

(WXYZ) - Tom Izzo is struggling to piece his 2012 Michigan State basketball lineup together. 

One player he's particularly having a hard time figuring out is Branden Dawson.

Dawson is coming off ACL surgery, which he had in March, and getting back into game shape has been a bit of a struggle for the 6'6 guard

"I'm looking for a little bit more out of Branden Dawson," said Izzo. "His conditioning is still no where near where it will be, or needs to be."

Izzo says he reminded Dawson of a few past Spartan-greats whom it didn't always come easy for.

"I told him he's got to Jason Richard/Charlie Bell it. He's got to come in and spend hours and hours on it -- and that's something he's learning."

But Izzo, who's won a championship and been to six Final Four's with MSU, isn't giving up on the talented sophomore just yet.

"He'll get better, he just needs to be pushed more than some guys."

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