Wingate and Patterson aim for Olympic gold in 2016

LaTonya Wingate and little sister Monayah Patterson are both three-time world champs, who are looking to make a punch strong enough to carry them to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

"It would be amazing," said Wingate. "Something like Venus and Serena Williams [accomplished in Tennis]. That would be awesome."

Aside from their goal of making it to the Olympic games, Wingate and Patterson are also trying to leave their mark in Motown like Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns did before.

"He already made a big accomplishment being the World Champion from Detroit as a guy, so we’ll be the women's side of that," said Wingate. "That'll be awesome."

"When me and my sisters are boxing each other, you know, she'll yell at me, 'come one, push yourself; work harder,'" said Patterson.

"We train just as hard as the guys. Sometimes even harder. You know, the guys are a little lazy sometimes.”

"They come from the greatest boxing gym in the world [in Kronk] so it’s like they’re carrying on that legacy, and there’s not that many people who get a chance to do that," said Richard Phillips, who trains the sisters.

Beginning in Jan. 2015, the sisters will have to first win a major tournament that would lead to an invitation to compete at the Olympic Trials, and then hopefully a spot on Team USA.

"I’m thinking about just qualifying on the first shot. I’m not thinking about the second, third, fourth — no. I want mine on the first time," said Patterson.

And if the sisters qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games?

"I’m lost for words just to be able to say that we went down in history; the first sisters in boxing [history] making it to the actual Olympics," said Wingate. "It would be amazing for my family, and for women's boxing. It would be big.”