NEW RECORD: Michigan breaks 130+ year-old snowfall record with 94.8 inches of snow

Break out the party hats! Find a noisemaker from New Year's. We're all now a part of history.

Last night's 3.1" of snow made this the snowiest season on record in Detroit, with a new total of 94.8". Put another way, that's 7 feet, 10.8 inches, or taller than any NBA player. Thankfully, it wasn't all on the ground at the same time, though it might have seemed like it at times.

Our average snowfall for the entire season is 42.5". The old record from 1880-81 was 93.6", but it's been knocked to #2 now, and it will forever be in our rear-view mirror.

Flint also went over the top last night. They only got 1.3" of snow, but that was enough to give them 83.9" for the entire season, a full one inch above the previous record set in 1974-75.

But these numbers are not set in stone. The official "snowfall season" runs from July 1 to June 30, so any additional snow we get this spring would add to our new record.

We're not looking for any more accumulation today, and highs will rocket to near 60 degrees on Thursday. So hurry out to take those pictures so you can show your grandkids what it looked like the day we broke the record.

But first, send them to us at . We could put them on and maybe on-air.

Last night's snow was a little easier to take than the mid-winter variety, since most of the accumulation was on grassy and metal surfaces. Most roads and paved areas were just slushy since they retained the heat of our weekend highs in the 70s much better.

That record-setting winter way back in 1880-81 also included April snow. Detroit got about 7" of snow in two different storms in April of 1881. But they weren't as lucky as we were. They didn't have much pavement. 

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