Weekly Blog: Days this week best for washing car

wxyz - Salt, slop, grime, and blue streaks of washer fluid probably cover your car. It's a lovely gift from the winter weather our state has endured this year.  

We know what you're thinking: "I'd wash it, but I know as soon as I do it will snow again, or the melt covering the roads will cover it with more gook."

So, each week until the end of winter, we will provide a blog letting people know which day of the week is the best day to wash your car. 


Don't be fooled by today's warmth. Even though it's mild on Tuesday, don't wash your car because you'd be wasting your money.

Snow storm is coming Tuesday night and roads will be a mess Wednesday with snow, slush and slop. On Thursday, the sun will be back out and last for a while. 

So, that would be the opportune day to wash your car. Just make sure you dry it well so the windows and doors don't freeze shut. 

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