SPRING TEMPERATURES AHEAD: Warmest stretch of weather since November

(WXYZ) - In the world of weather, March is considered the first month of spring. Of course, this month has felt very un-spring like. Sure, we've had a few mild days, but they've always been followed by a return to unseasonably cold and snowy weather. For instance, we were in the 50s Friday, but back to sub-freezing high over the weekend.

That pattern is changing, at least this week. For the first time in more than three months, we'll have five consecutive days with temperatures above 40 degrees! To find a stretch of days as long as the one just ahead, we'd have to go back to November 30 where we began a six day run of temps in the 40s and 50s. Even though it is really just a return to March-like temperatures, we'll call it a long awaited warm up!

Is it the start of spring weather? Well since this winter has tried to hold on for as long as it can, I wouldn't put the snow shovel away yet. But you can start thinking about what to plant in your flower garden, because spring is trying to reclaim the month of March and Metro Detroit.

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