A Return to the 90s!

(WXYZ) - A Return to the 90s!

No, we're not going back to Beanie Babies and dial-up internet access.  But we are looking at two days, today and tomorrow, with high temperatures in the 90s, which is unusual for September.  Unusual, yes, but not unheard of.

We only had five days with high temperatures of 90 degrees or hotter during the June, July and August summer period this year.  They came all bunched up, as consecutive hot days July 15-19, with a 95 degree high on the 19th our hottest days of the year so far. On average, we'd have about twelve 90 or hotter days per year.  So even with this miniature "heat wave," we'll still end up below average for 90 degree days this year.

We've touched 100 degrees as late as September 15.  On that date in 1939, we hit 100 exactly.  But with the sun getting lower and lower in the sky and losing two to three minutes of daylight hours per day, big-time heat gets harder to sustain as we go deeper into the month.  By the end of this month, our record high temperature is only 85 degrees.

Like with most heat waves, this one is caused by a strong high pressure area southwest of us that has been building for days, in part because the jet stream is unusually far to the north.  Now that winds are from the southwest, that hot air is pouring into southeast Michigan and will continue to until a cold front switches the winds to the north starting on Thursday.

Once that change starts, it really gets serious.  A strong push of cold air from Canada may make this hot stretch seem like a desert mirage by this weekend.  The 7 First Alert Weather team is expecting some of our typically coldest outlying areas around Detroit to get down into the upper 30s by Saturday morning!  Like them or not, these will swings in our short term weather keep us all on our toes.

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