Some parts of metro Detroit are seeing snow, but it won't be sticking around for long

(WXYZ) - No, it's not a bad dream!

The snowflakes falling in some parts of the Detroit metro area this afternoon are about as welcome as a root canal, but they should involve less swelling. 

In fact, the snow won't even stick to roads. 

Snow is falling because a strong cold front went through here this morning (yes, it was 72 degrees yesterday afternoon), and a disturbance riding up behind the front is bringing moisture in also.

With surface temperatures only in the mid to upper 30s, the snowflakes that form up in the clouds don't have time to fully melt before they hit the ground.

With that said, there are a few bits of good news.

First, and worth repeating, is that the ground is warm enough that the snow won't cause travel problems because most or all of it won't stick. The snow will melt fast.

Second, this mix of rain, snow and drizzle should end around or just before sunset today.  The Tigers should get their game in this evening, though it will be cold - with a first pitch temperatures in the low 40s, at best.

Also, it could be a LOT worse. 

On this date in 2005, we were in the middle of a 3 day snowstorm that left 16.5" of snow in Clarkston, with drifts of 3 to 4 feet.  That storm was much worse in the northern reaches of metro Detroit than in the downtown area, but it was a sloppy mess that made today's flakes look like wimps in comparison.

Finally, and best of all, this will be our coldest day for quite some time.  As you'll see in our full forecast , sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures will rule this weekend, and they'll even last beyond that.

As we've said many times the last few weeks, hang in there, it will get better.

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