What has the weather been like in Detroit on Thanksgiving Days past?

DETROIT (wxyz) - Here are some of the weather extremes from Thanksgiving Day in Detroit's past. 

The warmest Thanksgiving Day ever in Detroit had a high of 65. That was not too long ago on 1986. 

The coldest ever was 18 in 1930.

Back in 1968 Thanksgiving Day was a super soaker with 1.52" of rain. There were some soggy birds that day! 

And finally, yes, it does snow sometimes on Turkey Day.  In 1975 we got 4.6" of fresh snow.

Do you remember bearing a Thanksgiving Day parade or Lions game during any of these extremes? Is there another Thanksgiving Day that sticks out in your mind? Leave your comments in the section below or tweet us using #7FirstAlert hashtag.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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