Think spring! When will we start warming up?

(WXYZ) - So you made it throught the gray days of January and February!

It's March and you're looking for spring. While we are certain to warm up, even if it's only slowly, there are no doubt still some cold & snowy days ahead. But, don't lose hope!

This week, we'll do something that has been awfully hard to do this winter and it's bound to have you whistling a spring tune.

After Tuesday's snow, we'll find temperatures pushing into the 40s. Just barely on Thursday (forecast high of 40 on the nose).

Metro Detroit will push deeper into the 40s each day through the weekend. This would be the first time in almost two months that we will string together four or  more days of 40 degrees or better. The last time we accomplished this semi-extended thaw was January 9-13, where temps peaked at 59 on the 12.

Is this spring? Maybe a taste. I'd still keep the snow shovel handy for another month... at least.

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