Top 7 excuses you can use to spend extra time outside on a beautiful Detroit day like today

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It's official: Today is a beautiful day across southeast Michigan. It's also a Wednesday and that means you may need a few good excuses if you're going to break out of the office.

Have no fear, we came up with this list of the top 7 things you could tell your boss in order to spend some extra time outside today.

Top 7 excuses you can use to spend extra time outside on a beautiful Detroit day like today

  1. DUST ALLERGIES - It's serious. Think of all of that dust floating around inside your office. When was the last time they cleaned out those vents? Does your boss know about your dust allergies ?
  2. VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY - The best source of Vitamin D is nature's source: The Sun! It's a deficiency that nearly every adult has heard about and will have the ring of truth.
  3. FLORESCENT LIGHT SENSITIVITY - Those office lights aren't natural and can cause headaches, eyestrain and dizziness. It's true. Also, there's plenty of natural light outside today.
  4. COLD URTICARIA - We had to look that one up. Cold Urticaria is the official name for an allergy to cold temperatures. Are they pumping the A/C in your building? If it's drafty in your office, this may be the excuse for you.
  5. ERGONOMIC ISSUES - Is your office chair even comfortable? Maybe it's not ergonomically appropriate. Maybe you shouldn't be sitting in that same chair all day. Maybe a simple park bench has better ergonomics than your old desk chair.
  6. FACE TIME - In business, is there anything better than a face to face meeting - outside? Call up a client! Go visit!
  7. BUY LUNCH FOR THE BOSS - Would you be willing to pay $10 to get outside on a beautiful day like today? Offer to go pick up lunch at a place that doesn't deliver.


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