Will this be the best Tigers Opening Day weather in history? Not really!

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Today's forecast calls for lots of sunshine and temperatures in 40s. Cool, right? But before you complain, we have been much colder for Opening Day. A search of the weather record show several home openers in the 2000s with game time temps in the 30s!

As recently as 2010, first pitch temperature was a chilly 39 degrees. In fact, the 2000s feature a number of 30+ degree home openers. The years of 2003, 2002 and 2000 all had temperatures in the upper 30s.

Then there's the wind chill. Even a gentle wind will make the "feel like" temperature in the 20s!

On the warm end, the 1950s featured some of the warmest!

  • April 18, 1957 game time temp was 75 degrees
  • April 18, 1958  game time temp was 81
  • April 22, 1960 temperatures peaked at 85 degrees

According to Baseball-Almanac.com, opening days have been as early as March, 31 to as late in the season as early May. The most recent March (2008) home opener featured temperatures in the 50s, blown in on gusty southwest winds! Lucky, right? It gets even better. There was light rain and mist leading up to the game and isolated thunder just after the game! But game time conditions were rain free.

Over the years, the Tiger's first pitch of the season downtown has featured snow, rain, thunderstorms, summer-like warm and shivering wintry temperatures. The old saying, "If you don't like Michigan weather, just wait 5 minutes. It will change!" is never more true than for the Tiger's home opener!

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