Metro-Detroiters speak out about surviving the twisters in Oklahoma

METRO AIRPORT (WXYZ) - The tornados in Oklahoma have hit home for some here in metro-Detroit. 

When the images of devastation in Oklahoma started going across Yvette Villanueva-Glover's TV screen, the Detroit woman was terrified. Her daughter was working just 2 miles from Moore, Oklahoma

Then she got a phone call from one of her daughter's co-workers.  They were safe.

"She said, ‘Is there anything you want me to tell her?'" said Villanueva-Glover. "I said, ‘You tell her I know God got her.'"

Cherise Villanueva's phone would not work during the storm, but later she called home.

"It looks like a war zone around here," said Villanueva.

She told 7 Action News that since the twister hit she has seen devastation surround her.

She was in Oklahoma to train AT&T employees.  Some people she was working with lost their homes. Some lost loved ones.

"There is a young lady in the building… they found her niece. Located her body," said Villanueva.  "… She was in the 3 rd grade. It is hard. There are still missing children."

Cherise is scheduled to fly back in to Detroit Metro on Friday.  She says she will be hugging her children tighter. Her mom can't wait for the reunion.

At Detroit Metro Tuesday, another mom landed after a trip that did not go as planned.

 "Pray, just pray," she said when asked to describe what she saw.

Cynda Kushmaul went to her son's house in Edmond, Oklahoma to celebrate her grandson's high school graduation.  Instead she found herself celebrating the very fact her family survived.

Nature's power hit close to her son's house in Edmond Oklahoma on Sunday, a house with no underground tornado shelter.

 "The tornado on Sunday, it touched down two blocks from his house," said Kushmaul.

Her son has six children, and four of them were with her in the bathtub hoping it would provide them protection.

The next day the tornado that devastated Moore came tearing through.

Her son, an Edmond Policeman, was called to help in Moore and remains there now.

"Right after he got there, he sent me the text. He said it is the worst he has ever seen."

She is now home, but her heart is in Oklahoma with people who have lost so much.

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