Top 10 Instant Payday Loans to Get Cash Advance with Guaranteed Approval for Bad Credit

2:07 PM, Aug 03, 2022
2:04 PM, Aug 08, 2022
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Having bad credit puts you in a difficult place, especially when you suddenly need extra cash for emergencies. Borrowing from conventional banks would be impossible because you won't pass credit checking.

Fortunately, you have instant payday loans as an option. Also known as cash advance, payday loans refer to small cash you can borrow to pay back as soon as your next paychecks arrive. With this type of loan, bad credit applicants are welcome. Instead of looking into your scores, lenders will mostly consider your creditworthiness based on your regular income.

While searching for brokers to apply for your payday loans, you may find some platforms claiming Guaranteed Approval. While it is practically impossible to provide 100% assurance, you still have a high chance to get approved on those platforms.

Now, if you want to apply for instant payday loans for bad credits, these platforms are the best to consider:

Top 4 Instant Payday Loans Online With Guaranteed Approval

1. iPaydayLoans - Best Overall to Get Payday Loans

2. WeLoans - Best Payday Loans for High Approval and Speed

3. CocoLoan - Best Payday Loans for Utmost Convenience

4. US Bad Credit Loans - Best Payday Loans for Any Credit Scores

1. iPaydayLoans - Best Overall to Get Payday Loans

Cashing in your payday loans within 24 hours after your initial contract is possible on iPaydayLoans. Even better, your lender might get it transferred on the same day.

People with bad credit should not worry much about their loan applications on this platform. As long as they have a stable income, they still have a chance to get approved. This platform connects to more than 100 direct lenders, which is quite a lot compared to other platforms.


  • Instant loans available for up to 5,000
  • Extensive board of direct lenders
  • Cash will be ready in around 24 hours
  • Bad credits are still welcomed and considered
  • Various loan types to choose from as you need
  • Terms and information of each loan offer are presented detailedly


  • Some states do not allow the services from this platform
  • Fees and rates might be high, especially for bad credit applicants

Go to iPaydayLoans and Get Your Bad Credit Loans Now!

2. WeLoans - Best Payday Loans for High Approval and Speed

It is easy to fill out your loan application form on WeLoans. With a straightforward procedure, you may expect decisions and offers from direct lenders within a few minutes after submitting your loan application.

Amongst online loan brokers available in the country, WeLoans have a high approval rate of up to 95% per month. The lenders will make your money ready on your account 24 hours after signing the contract. Thus, this place is where you should rely when you need a cash advance online.


  • Efficient procedure to apply for loans
  • Transparent and detailed information on each loan offer
  • Higher chances to get approved compared to other platforms
  • Cash will be ready in 24 hours
  • Various choices of loan types are available
  • Personal loans can lend you up to $35,000


  • Loans with longer terms may cause you to spend more on interest rates and fees
  • Some states prohibit the loan services

Apply for Your Quick Payday Loans on WeLoans Now!

3. CocoLoan - Best Payday Loans for Utmost Convenience

In CocoLoan, applicants can get from $50 up to $5,000 from online payday loans. From secured and unsecured loans, the platform also offers several other types of loans to suit your unique condition.

Getting your loans processed on CocoLoan is safe because the website is powered by high-quality security protocols. With more than 100 direct lenders on board, you are free to compare offers to choose one that is worth the most. Once you agree on a loan contract, you will need to wait for approximately 24 hours to receive your funds.


  • Secured loans are available
  • Convenient and secure to submit your loan application
  • Your cash will be ready instantly
  • Full transparency on the loan terms
  • Bad credit scores are still welcomed
  • Plenty of lenders to provide offers for you


  • Rates and APRs are relatively high, making the loans very expensive on longer terms
  • Not all types of loans are available for applicants with bad credits

Go to CocoLoan to Apply for Your Instant Loans Online Now!

4. US Bad Credit Loans - Best Payday Loans for Any Credit Scores

As its name suggests, US Bad Credit Loans welcomes any loan applicants regardless of their credit scores. With a simple interface and procedure, it will not take much time for you to apply for your loans online. The lenders will look into your income and current financial situation to measure your capability to afford your loan repayments.

The website guarantees to protect your privacy and data security, so you can apply for loans with no worry. Even the funding comes in at such a high speed that you might even receive the money on the same day of your application.


  • Various types of loans are available to choose
  • Easy online application to do anytime and anywhere
  • A speedy process that you can even get done within the same working day
  • No minimal amount of income is required to be eligible for loans
  • Excellent security protocols that will record your data
  • Bad credit applicants are welcome to apply for loans as well.


  • Loans available for bad credit applicants are limited
  • Higher rates may apply to bad credit loans

Visit US Bad Credit Loans and Get Your Instant Cash Advance Now!

5. US Installment Loans - Best Payday Loans for Small and Big Amounts

The amount of money you can get from your payday loans on US Installment Loans is ranging from $50 to $35,000. You don't have to pay your loans back at once because lenders will offer you installments on terms that suit your financial affordability.

Not only is it easy to apply, but US Installment Loans is also accessible 24/7. People with a bad credit history will still have a high chance to get approved. With 256-bit encryption, this website ensures that any information you state there will be safe and stay private.


  • Covers small to a big sum of money
  • Loan applications with bad credit scores still have a high chance to get approved
  • Repaying debts in installments is less burdensome


  • Loan services offered on this platform might not be available in several states
  • Higher interest rates may apply to bad credit loans

Go to US Installment Loans to Get Your Loans Repaid in Installments

6. PersonalLoans - Best Payday Loans For Competitive Rates

With PersonalLoans, you can borrow from $1,000 to $35,000 to use for various purposes. It is easy to apply for loans because you only need to fill out a simple online form. Repayment terms are adjustable to suit your affordability that could span up to 72 months.

All fees and rates will be clearly informed since the initial offering so you can consider the worthiness of your loans. When loan offers from direct lenders are not available, PersonalLoans will connect you to third-party networks that may also offer you loans and other financial services.


  • Competitive rates and APRs with no hidden fees
  • The simple application process to do anytime and anywhere
  • Convenient repayment terms to suit your financial capability


  • There are no other types of loans offered
  • Small loans are not available

Go to PersonalLoans to Get Some Fast Cash Now!

7. Fast Title Loans - Best Payday Loans for Vehicle Owners

Do you know that you can use your vehicles as collateral to secure loans? On Fast Title Loans, you can easily apply for such a loan online by filling out an online form and uploading some necessary files.

Lenders will give you an instant decision and transfer the money on the next business day. Even if you have bad credit scores, Fast Title Loans will still welcome you. The platform also offers other types of loans you can consider.


  • Competitive rates especially if compared to unsecured loans
  • Repayment for personal loans can go as long as 96 months
  • Easier to get approved even with bad credit scores


  • You might lose your vehicle if you fail to repay your debts on time
  • Some states might restrict the loan services offered on this platform

Visit Fast Title Loans and Get Your Loans Secured Now!

8. BadCreditLoans - Best Payday Loans for Flexible Repayments

Applying for payday loans on Bad Credit Loans is effortless. A few minutes after completing the online loan form, lenders will send you loan offers. There might also be some non-loan finance offers that are worth considering as well.

Loan amounts are available for up to $10,000 with APR ranging

from around 5.99% to 35.99%. Repayment terms are flexible between 90 days to 72 months, making it easy to adjust your capability. Of course, lenders will still gladly consider your application even if you have a bad credit history.


  • Extended network of lenders to improve your chances of getting approved
  • Reasonable APRs to make your loans affordable
  • Repayment terms are highly flexible 


  • The web may contain ads for other financial services
  • Connects to third-party non-lenders that may give you ads to other financing services

Get Your Payday Loans Online on BadCreditLoans Now!

9. CashAdvance - Best Payday Loans for Short-Term Loans

Visit CashAdvance anytime you need a small payday loan to repay in the short term. You can borrow up to $10,000 from a cash advance on this platform. With online applications and non-traditional credit checkings, you may expect instant decisions from its direct lenders.

Applying for loans is free of charge in CashAdvance. Even the fees and interests on your loans will be clearly explained since the initial offerings. Besides loan offers, you may also receive offers of other financial services such as debt relief and credit repair.


  • The clean interface of the website for easier navigation
  • A straightforward procedure allows instant decisions and cash withdrawal
  • Transparent information regarding the terms and conditions of each loan offer


  • CashAdvance may share your information with third-party companies to give you ads for non-loan financial services
  • Rates and APRs may go very high

Apply for Your Short-Term Loans on CashAdvances Now!

10. CashUSA - Best Payday Loans for Cash Emergencies

Applying for a cash advance on CashUSA only takes you a few minutes to fill out the online form and get offers from direct lenders. Once you agree on a contract, your appointed lender will transfer your funds in 24 hours.

For loan amounts of up to $10,000, you can pay it back in installments for up to 72 months. While APR may vary, it never goes more than 35.99%, which is quite affordable compared to other payday loans online on other platforms. Even applicants with bad credit scores will still get friendly rates.


  • Reasonable fees and interest rates even for bad credit loans
  • Long loan terms are available to make repayments more affordable
  • Money can be instantly ready to use for emergencies


  • People with less than 579 credit scores are not eligible to get approved
  • Some states might not allow these loan services

Visit CashUSA and Get Some Instant Cash Advance Now!

Things You Should Know About Instant Payday Loans Online

Which Platform is Best for Payday Loans Online?

We highly recommend iPaydayLoans to apply for payday loans because it has industry-level security, speedy process, and utmost convenience. Not to mention how it has a wide network of lenders to give you more loan options.

What Is the Easiest Payday Loan to Get Online?

With its high approval rate, no platform is easier than WeLoans to get your cash advance. Even bad credit applicants have chances to get approved. It also allows your money to be available in 24 hours or less. It is such a reliable website to help you with money emergencies.

Can I Get A Fast Loan with a Bad Credit Score?

Many online lenders run non-traditional credit checkings to give chances to people with bad credit scores. Even with bad credit scores, you are very likely to get approved as long as you have a stable source of income. Try US Installment Loans for it.

How Fast Can I Get No Credit Check Payday Loan?

Most platforms can process a no credit check payday loan instantly, but CocoLoan can be very fast. Decisions and offers from direct lenders usually come within a few minutes. Once you agree on a contract, your cash can be ready as soon as the same business day.

Are Online Payday Loans Safe?

All websites listed in this article are legal to get your loans from. They also have top-level security to ensure your data safety and privacy. However, we can't guarantee your safety if you choose other websites that are not on this article.

What are the Best Online Payday Loans?

Based on our tests, these websites are best to get your online payday loans for a multitude of reasons:


  • High approval rates
  • Instant funding process
  • Can borrow up to $5,000


  • Plenty loan options
  • Transparent terms and conditions
  • Money can be quickly ready


  • Various loan types are available
  • High-security level
  • Straightforward procedure

US Bad Credit Loans

  • No minimum income required
  • Easy application 24/7
  • Bad credit loans are available

Final Thoughts

Payday loans can be an effective lifeline in financial emergencies because it offers an instant process and welcomes even applicants with bad credit histories. Indeed, there is no such thing as actually guaranteed approval. However, you can get your chances higher if you go to the right websites to apply for your payday loans. Even better, you may also get a loan contract with the terms and conditions that suit your needs and capabilities. It is highly advisable to read the offers thoroughly and compare between lenders. This way, you can make sure to choose the most worthy cash advance.

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