5th Annual Tailgate Party to benefit victims of domestic violence and sexual assault

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICH (WXYZ) - Join Detroit Lions legends and team mascot, Roary, for an ultimate tailgating experience at the 5th Annual Tailgate Party on Sunday, October 15th. 

 The fundraiser will be held at the Birmingham Athletic Club, located at 4033 W. Maple Rd. in Bloomfield Hills.  Special guest speaker will be former Lions fullback, Cory Schlesinger.
Money raised will benefit HAVEN, Oakland County's only comprehensive program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

The tailgating party will feature a BBQ buffet lunch, beer and wine, special liquor tastings, cigars, contests and silent and live auctions, as guests watch the Detroit Lions take on the New Orleans Saints on the big screen.  Registration begins at noon. Kick-off is 1 p.m.

General admission tickets are $125; Young professionals (under age 35) are $60.  
To purchase tickets, visit https://www.haven-oakland.org/ or contact Hannah Heebner at 248-322-3705.

4 Cheese Panko Pasta    

Butter    8 oz. 

All purpose flour  8 oz. 

Milk     3 qt.

Heavy Cream   1 qt.

Salt    4 T

White pepper   1 tsp.

Fresh garlic    1 T (minced)

Dry mustard   1.5 tsp.

Cayenne   3/4 tsp.

Worcestershire sauce  1 T  

Pasta (rotini, farfalle, penne ) 2 # cooked

American cheese  6 oz. (cut into small pieces)

Cheddar cheese  11 oz. (grated)

Parmesan cheese  2 oz. (grated)

Havarti cheese   6 oz. (grated)

Panko breadcrumbs  3C or as needed

Wash hands. In warm pot melt butter and add garlic. Cook garlic about 3 minutes until it blooms and becomes aromatic. Add flour and stir to form a paste. Cook paste for about 4-5 minutes or until it starts to turn white. Slowly add milk and cream bringing pot to simmer. Continue to whisk sauce, while adding all seasonings and spices. Once simmering, slowly add cheeses one at a time. Wait until cheese melts before adding more, whisking the sauce continuously.  

Let sauce simmer and thicken.     

In large pot fill with water and 3 T of salt, bring to a boil.Add pasta and stir. Cook approximately 8-10 minutes or until desired doneness of pasta. Strain pasta well to remove excess water. In a large steel bowl add pasta and cheese sauce. 


Mix noodles and sauce together and pour into baking dish. Top with panko crumbs and spray  

Bake 5-15 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees and breadcrumbs are golden brown. Carefully remove from oven and serve.    


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