Burger King to add line of premium coffee beverages to menu

The Home of the Whopper is about to become the home of the latte.

Burger King will announce plans for a massive upgrade of its coffee platform which will double the number of coffee beverages it currently sells to 10 in partnership with Seattle's Best Coffee.

The move -- reminiscent of what McDonald's did years ago by launching McCafes to compete with Starbucks -- comes at a time the number of U.S. specialty coffee servings (such as latte and cappuccino) jumped a robust 6% last year, three times that of regular coffee, reports research firm NPD Group.

There's enormous profit in sales of soft drinks and coffee beverages. And with soft-drink sales on a steady decline, restaurants increasingly are relying on coffee product sales for profits.

Beginning this week, BK is replacing its current brewed coffee with a smoother Seattle's Best blend. It also will have a new decaf and a new hot chocolate.

The chain will also roll out four new $1.49 iced coffees: plain, vanilla, mocha and caramel. And it will roll out four lattes -- $2.29 for small and $3.49 for large -- in those same four flavors. The latte rollout begins in March. The chain is also considering selling cappuccinos down the road.

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