Chef from Beach Grill shows how to prepare tasty beef dish

(WXYZ) - Chef Robert Boerema from Beach Grill at Summer in the Park, stopped by Broadcast House Saturday morning to show our Channel 7 viewers how to prepare Roaste Coulette of Beef with Chimichurri sauce.

Chef Boerema is one of the chefs participating at the summer-long festival at Campus Martius. You can learn about the event by visiting

Beach Grill is located at 24420 Jefferson Ave in Saint Clair Shores. The phone number is (586) 771-4455. You can the menu by logging on to

Roasted corn and pineapple salsa

5 ears of fresh sweet corn.

1 cup soaked and cooked black beans/ soak over night in water to
sprout , it turns the bean into a protine as opposed to a starch of
the un soaked bean. Much nicer end result

½ pineapple

½ cup diced roasted jalapeno

1 diced roasted red pepper

1 sliced and roasted red onion

½ bunch chopped cilantro/ about a ¼ cup

Juice of 2 fresh lime

Now take your corn, husk on and roasted on an open grille till the
outside skin is black. Then remove from the grille to cool

Now peel the husk off roasted corn and stand end to end to use a
knife and remove cornels from cob

Place corn in large enough mixing bowl for mixing additional ingredients

Roast cool and dice red onion, red pepper and jalapeno

Cool and remove skin and seeds from roasted peppers

The skinned prepared pepper peddles are now ready to dice

You want to cut strip's of pepper in the diameter of the size range of
corn kernels to keep a good size consistency for the dish and now cut
running the knife cross way over the peppers to make the dice

Roasted red onion can be cut the same size by laying down the grilled
onion slice and cut it in half then dice from end to end

Now slice and grille pineapple by peeling pineapple top to bottom to
remove the skin and the with the pine apple still standing up cut
directly through the pineapple core down evenly then repeat the move
once more after turning 180 degrees as to make four equal quarters

Now lay pineapple quarter on it's side to remove the quarter core and
repeat thrice more. You should have four triangle cores to discard

Now set pineapple quarters down on the flat side that was the core end
and slice wedges for grilling. Now oil the pineapple strips or wedged
depending on which way one cuts their pineapple, Now cool pineapple
and dice by once again making strips and then dice crossway

Now strain cooled cooked black beans and gather all cooled, prepared
components together and ad to the corn

Now add the chopped cilantro the listed seasonings with the lime juice
to mix and meld

Let stand for 10 –20 and it's ready to serve


¼ cup chopped garlic

¼ cup chopped shallot

1 bunch fresh oregano/ about one cup

1 bunch fresh cilantro/ about one cup

1 teaspoon kosher or sea salt

1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper

2 teaspoon fresh ground coriander

Mix with power stick or blender

Beef tip skewers

Per serving

6 oz coulette of beef or preference cut into 6 pieces

6 button mushrooms

6 pieces of onion about an inch in diameter

Now make two skewers using 6 inch bamboo skewers with three each piece
mushroom, onion, meat

Now season with salt, pepper, and a little chimichurri and grille to
desired temp

A bib lettuce garnish leaf works nicely with the corn salsa and the
additional chimichurri over the skewers

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