Expert offers spring cleaning tips to revive your home and garden

(WXYZ) - Even though the calendar says it's spring, the temperatures are still quite brisk. Hopefully the warmer temperatures will be here before we know it.

Alana Hart  from Home Depot stopped by Broadcast House to share spring cleaning tips with 7 Action News viewers about reviving their homes and gardens.
Project Ideas:

Set Stage/Cut Time for Deep Spring Cleaning: Americans spend nearly 70 hours cleaning their home's interior throughout the year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Remove clutter and make sure to have sufficient storage space to save time on seasonal deep cleaning. Learn effective ways to streamline organization and storage.

How to Clean Hard to Reach Places: Now is a great time to clean areas that are often neglected such as refrigerator coils and dryer vents. Learn about methods that will make spring cleaning on the inside easier and more time efficient.

Prepare for the Late Frost: You never know when winter will come back for one last damaging visit. Learn how to protect and revive your early garden efforts from a late frost.

Allergy Proof Your Interior: esky allergens inside the home can cause a big headache for allergy sufferers. Learn ways to minimize the effect of allergens in the home before spring allergy season begins.

Winter Gardening: How to 'nature' your yard now: Knowing what plants thrive and struggle in your climate is a key to successful gardening. Learn how to select the right plants and tools to ensure you have the ideal garden this season.

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