How will Michigan's new right-to-work law effect workers? Labor attorney answers questions

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Michigan's right-to-work laws, which take effect on March 28, 2013, continue to be a hot button issue.  Several  labor unions have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the validity of the measure for private sector workers.

Robert A. Boonin is a is a labor and employment law at Butzel Long. He stopped by Broadcast House to give Action News viewers some insight how Michigan's new right-to-work laws work including:

·         Will the right-to-work law be a real mine field once the law takes effect? 

·         Could employers and unions face lawsuits from employees if they feel their right-to-work is violated? 

·         Will many employees exercise their right to opt-out of union membership under the right-to-work law?  What about peer pressure to remain a union member?

·         If an employee opts out of union membership, does the union still represent them?  If an employee opts out of being a union member, does the employee have a "voice" in decision making by unions?

·         Does opting out of union membership mean that the employee can immediately stop paying union dues?

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