Science meets spirituality: 'Miracle Doctor' teams up with NASA and Harvard Medical School

Thousands of miracles have happened over the years after prayer from Dr. Isaam Nemeh a Cleveland based physician.  Many of those unexplained medical miracles have taken place in the metro Detroit area.  Those who have received a miracle, their family and friends all say there is something special going on with Dr. Nemeh. 

Nemeh says he sees matter transform before his eyes on a daily basis. He says that God is now making it possible for people to see that science and spirituality go hand and hand.

NASA and Harvard are taking notice.  They are studying the energy field that registers when Nemeh prays. 

A scientist from NASA declined an interview with 7 Action News citing that a high-level governed agency is still researching the project, however, Dr. Jeff Rediger, the Director of Harvard Medical School did speak with 7 Action News.  He says that science and God work together and he is seeing more evidence of it all the time. 

He says, "the fact that we can measure the significance with instrumentation is exciting and could help everybody in the world.  We are starting to see modern medicine creep into the spiritual world and it can be measured.

Nemeh says "I'm only a vehicle that God is using to show his power and love through the power of the Holy Spirit."

To find out when he is coming to the metro Detroit area, check his website

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