The Real Kwame Kilpatrick, coming to a screen near you this spring

(WXYZ) -
More than two years in the making, The Real Kwame Kilpatrick, a documentary will be out this spring. 
It was produced by a father and son team, Tim and Tobias Smith.  They talked exclusively with 7 Action News and shared a few clips of their exclusive TV interviews with Carlita and Christine Beatty, Kilpatrick's longtime friend, former Chief of Staff at city hall and his mistress. 
The documentary was expanded once they landed those interviews.  Their text message perjury case caused them both to resign and do time behind bars. 
The documentary was made possible because Tim Smith knew Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, Kwame's mother while she was in Congress.  She trusted them to give them access inside the family circle. 
This is Tobias and Tim's second major film project. They also co-produced The Cotton Pickin' Truth a few years ago. Tobias is also a music producer. Tim is a former TV and radio news producer.
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