Ways to make your Sweetest Day even more special

(WXYZ) - Every day should be a sweet one, but occasions like Sweetest Day are chances to really make a statement to our loved ones. That's not at all to say we should wait on the calendar to tell us when to make thoughtful gestures toward those we care about, but remembering them when the whole community is focused on kindness sometimes keeps them from feeling left out, which nobody wants.

It's not about the money you spend on Sweetest Day, or any other special occasion; it's only about sincerity; being sincere is key, no matter what the relationship might be. Here's a list of sweet ideas that won't cause cavities, calories or credit debt:
The Sweet List

    Roll out the red carpet -- red symbolizes elegance and importance, like when you see celebrities walking into movie premieres; even if you can only find a red floor mat, red towels, or red construction paper, you can be creative by setting it at your loved one's feet

    Use the power of words -- exchange love letters or song lyrics that express your feelings

    Walk down memory lane -- create a timeline of special events with photos and dates; show your loved one how much the moments you've spent together mean to you

    Say it with flowers -- whether it's a single rose or a bouquet, you won't find many people who don't appreciate a sweet-smelling gift; ask your florist what color is appropriate for a friendly or romantic connection

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