Malcom Maddox

Malcom Maddox considers himself to be a true Renaissance Man. This former Marine is a self-taught bassist, videographer and multimedia producer.

After graduating high school in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, Malcom enlisted in the Marine Corps specializing in telecommunications. That technical foundation has served him well over the years and ultimately helped him obtain his first job in the media as a board operator at a radio station in Central Wisconsin.

“Eventually they let me turn on the microphone to read the weather and I was hooked,” says Malcom. “I knew at that moment what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

It took a decade for Malcom’s broadcast dreams to be fully realized, but the journey has been interesting to say the least. He was able to leverage his radio experience into a job at a Central Wisconsin television station as an in-studio camera operator and eventually was promoted to news photographer.

Malcom would later go on to work as a photographer in Green Bay, WI, San Diego, CA and finally his hometown of Pittsburgh.

It was in Pittsburgh that he decided to make the transition from behind the camera, to in front of it.

“In the fall of 2006 I started putting tapes together; asking for advice from the respected journalists I had worked with over the past decade. In less than a year it paid off!”

Malcom got his big break when he landing a job in Birmingham, Alabama at WIAT as a multimedia journalist. His years of experience as a photographer have provided him with a unique perspective that has allowed him to tell compelling stories.

Malcom’s success in the South, paved the way for an opportunity in his mother’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio where he served as the Weekend Anchor/Reporter at the FOX/ABC affiliate.

My best memories of my time in Dayton would have to include the look in my mother’s eyes as she sat in the studio watching me anchor the news in her hometown and reporting from Washington D.C. during President Barack Obama’s Inauguration.”

After years of bouncing around the country Malcom says he couldn’t be happier to call Detroit home.

Everything from Detroit’s blue collar work ethic to its musical heritage to the legacy of excellence at WXYZ make it absolutely clear that Detroit is where I am supposed to be right now.”

When not working Malcom enjoys spending time with his wife Amy, and his children Mia, Malcolm and Miles; and playing his bass.

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