HVC offering cutting edge heart to heart meetings

2:27 PM, Sep 15, 2020

As we recognize World Heart Day on Sept. 29, it seems appropriate to recognize the new world of medicine aimed COVID - 19, and how cardiologists are navigating through it.

The battle against heart disease doesn’t stop just because of the pandemic. It’s times like these where the best practices evolve and continue to save lives.

The Heart and Vascular Consultants are once again proving why they are the leaders in heart disease prevention and care in Metro Detroit.

Whether it is thru telemedicine appointments or in office appointments, HVC has remained open through the pandemic. Every single possible precaution has been taken to keep the office clean and sanitized for the safety of the patients and staff.

Although Telemedicine is new, HVC has mastered the skill of bringing as close to an in person experience as possible using video call.

“We had never used telemedicine before but we had to evolve due COVID-19 to best take care of all of our patients,” Dr. Delair Gardi said. “What we have found is that it has been an outstanding addition to our practice and something we’ll continue to use beyond COVID-19.

“By using telemedicine it allows us to see more patients without lowering our quality of care. It has also provided convenience for our patients to consult with us from the comfort of their home.”

The Heart and Vascular Consultants also launched a new website since COVID-19 hit to further their ability to connect digitally to patients. You can see the site here: https://www.hvchealth.com/.

If you want more information on setting appointments at either the Detroit or Livonia locations and what precautions are being taken amid COVID-19 you can call (313) 832-8888.

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