Simple steps for a safer home

1:07 PM, Aug 28, 2020

Sheltering in place has been a reality for all since COVID-19 hit. Not coincidently, Aging in Place more safely has also become top of mind for many.

The always difficult decision to send loved ones to an assisted living facility has become even more challenging in the wake of COVID-19.

What many have learned is that simple and quick adjustments to a home can make it much easier for a loved one to stay home longer and also minimize financial burdens of long-term care.

So where to start on this project? According to the National Institute on Aging, 80% of falls take place in the bathroom. Here are some of the top repairs suggested by CAPS Remodeling of Detroit for the bathroom and beyond in order for your loved one to age in place safely:

  1. ROLL IN SHOWERS/SHOWER BENCHES: Installing a barrier free shower that removes the risk of slip and falls is a crucial final piece for making the bathroom safe. Learn more about options here.
  2. GRAB BARS/HAND RAILS: Grab bars can be installed anywhere needed in the home, but the most common areas are showers or the toilet commode area. Learn more about grab bars here. Handrails can also be added anywhere in the house to minimize risk of falls and help maintain balance. Learn more about handrails here
  3. STAIR LIFTS: With a state-of-the art stair lift you can regain mobility and enjoy the place you love. They can be accommodated for nearly any type of staircase. Learn more here.

While you consider who to use for these repairs it’s important to be careful who you hire. While nearly any contractor can do the work, it’s always best to use a specialist. Sometimes it’s all in the name. The CAPS in CAPS Remodeling stands for Certified Aging In Place Specialists. They have all the certifications you would want in a contractor. Minimizing risks for elderly or handicapped in their homes and making them safer is there passion and specialization.

In addition to its Detroit location, CAPS Remodeling also offers service in Florida if you have a loved one that lives there.

For more information on the CAPS Remodeling and what they have to offer visit their site: You can also call 248-246-1669.

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