World-first cancer therapy treats inoperable pancreas tumor

2:26 PM, Nov 14, 2019
4:05 PM, Nov 22, 2019

With a diagnosis of pancreas cancer, patients are often left without options. When the cancer is advanced, even surgery can be difficult or impossible. Fortunately, a first-in-the-world radiation treatment offered at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute – known as MRI-Guided Radiation – is helping patients like Ken Hall fight difficult-to-treat and otherwise inoperable cancers.

MRI-Guided Radiation uses advanced radiation technology combined with real-time tumor imaging to deliver accurate, precise treatment that is tailored to each patient. Henry Ford treated the world’s first patient using this new technology in 2017.

While MRI-Guided Radiation can be used to treat all types of cancers, it is especially beneficial for tumors where there is typically movement during treatment, including tumors in the liver, pancreas, adrenal and lung areas.

For Hall, this new option, along with chemotherapy, is providing hope that he will receive a life-saving surgery and beat the cancer that threatens his life.

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