Fenton High School JV football players act boldly, rescue boy from stranger danger

FENTON (WXYZ) - When the JV football players at Fenton High School got on the field for their afternoon practice on Tuesday, they never expected to save someone.

"This little boy came in and he was screaming and crying like help.  Then this dude came up and he looked kind of creepy," said JV football player Jaythan Wright.

The terrified middle school student had been by himself, near the football field, when he was approached by a middle-aged man.

Without hesitation, the team jumped in to help the boy.

"The man was gesturing trying to get the kid to come over," said JV football player Andrew Moore.  "The kid went behind me and said ‘Please don't let him take me' and I'm like, "We won't, bud'." So we all tell him to get out of here, go away."

"We got between him so he could not get to the little kid then he ran off," said JV football player Brandon Muma.

"We chased him out of there," said Wright.  "I took pictures of his license plate."

The teens not only called 9-1-1, but they gave Fenton police the stranger's plate number, a good description of the man, and pictures of his van.

Officers caught up with the man a short time later thanks to the quick thinking of the Fenton High School JV football team.

"You see it happen in movies so you take experience from the movie and use it in real life," said JV football player Peyton Coffman.

The team is very happy they could help.  They told 7 Action News they came together as a team to rescue the boy.

"Yeah I think so, yeah… one big football team," said JV football player Kobe Lookebill.

"Definitely because usually we work as a team on the football field but as one after," said Coffman.

The guys are humbled to be called heroes.

"Just doing community service that everyone should do," Coffman.

The Fenton police chief  was amazed at how mature the JV players were in handling the situation. 

No arrests were made because police say no crime was committed and the child was not harmed physically.

Officers will be monitoring this situation very closely.

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