12K Pounds of free pet food given away to metro Detroiter pet owners in need

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - The winter can be very dangerous for dogs left outside in the bitter cold weather.  Some families struggling to pay heat bills are not able to buy food for their pets.

We  found out two ways you can get free dog food:

First: Detroit Dog Rescue wants you to know about a big push to hand out free dog food.  The giveaway is set to begin Saturday December 7 at 8 am at the old Central Depot in Southwest Detroit.

Pet Supplies Plus donated 12,000 pounds of dog food.

Also the Michigan Humane Society wants you to know about a free pet food bank. This, too, helps people during a very tough time of year when money may be tight and dog food has to be sacrificed.

This program relies on public generosity. If you would like to donate pet food to this cause, please bring it to any Michigan Humane Society location.

If you're someone hoping to get free pet food, make sure to check with the Michigan Humane Society, or head down to the Central Depot Saturday for that pet food giveaway.

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