Scary & Seductive; "Dracula" opens Friday Oct 11 At Farmington Players Barn, Runs Through Nov 2

"Dracula," Farmington Players Barn Oct. 11-Nov. 2


"I want your fear. For your fear, like a current, rushes through your body. Your fear makes your heart pound, it renders your veins rich and full. Your fear hemorrhages deliciously within you."

That hypnotic line from Dracula by Steven Dietz, sets a terrifying tone for a new season of  "killer shows" at the Farmington Players Barn.  John Boufford of Northville Township directs the new adaptation of the classic horror tale that he refers to as a "PG-13" production. The play preserves the suspense and seduction found in Bram Stoker's famous novel.   It opens October 11 th on the Barn's brand new stage floor, and runs through November 2 nd.  Tickets are on sale now at or at the box office (248) 553-2955.

"This is a very dark and sexy version of Dracula," says Boufford.  "While it pulls much from Bram Stoker's original work, it adds new layers that will appeal to modern-day vampire lovers!"

Rich in both humor and horror, Dracula paints a bone-chilling picture of the fanged beast Count Dracula played by Rick Mickley of Keego Harbor. As Dracula begins to stalk the people of London, Dr. Van Helsing (Guy Copland of Berkley) and his team try to piece together the clues in a valiant attempt to save themselves from a hideous fate. 

Meanwhile, the piercing shrieks of Dracula's servant, the madman Renfield, shake the walls of an insane asylum.  "I thought playing the guy who's insane would be an easy thing for some reason," says Gary Weinstein of Farmington Hills.  Weinstein is known as a zany character actor at the Barn, and Renfield's mood swings are perfect for the talented performer.  "Really the core of what I'm excited about in the role is the small shift between being sane and insane that Renfield deals with on a daily basis," says Weinstein

"Dracula" is one of the most technically heavy shows the Barn has ever done, and Boufford chose Keith Janoch of Farmington Hills as Technical Director in charge of presenting an "amazing sensory experience for the audience."  Boufford says, "we have so many different effects, the goal is that the audience will not realize that they are watching effects, but that they are simply immersed into the story.

Rounding out the cast are Meredith Deighton  as Mina and Jennifer Beitzel as Lucy, two of Dracula's targets who share stories about their love lives.  Keith Firstenberg and David Galido as Harker and Seward, risking their lives to protect their women. Julia Spina-Kilar and Jayne Firstenberg play Dracula's screaming vixens, and Arman Banooni serves as an attendant in the asylum.


Friday,      October  11,          8pm  Opening Night

Saturday,  October  12,           8pm

Sunday,    October  13,           2pm (Senior Sunday, $2 Off)

Friday,      October  18,          8pm

Saturday,  October  19,           8pm

Sunday,    October  20,           2pm

Friday,      October  25,           8pm

Saturday   October  26,           8pm

Sunday     October  27,           2pm

Thursday  October  31,           8pm  (Thrifty Thursday $2 Off – Halloween

                                                            Costume Contest with Prizes)

Friday       November 1,          8pm

Saturday  November  2,          8pm



Tickets are available at both and the box office at 248-553-2955.

•   Adults: $16

•   Students: $2 off any performance

•   Senior Sunday:  Only on Sunday October 13    ($2 off for Seniors)

•   Thrifty Thursday: $2 off for everyone ONLY on Halloween! October 31.

•   Group Discounts: $2 off any show with a group of ten or more people.



The Farmington Players Barn is located at 32332 W. 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills Michigan 48334. It's the big white barn on the north side of 12 mile between Orchard Lake and Farmington Rd.


 Costume contest for ticket holders only on Thursday, Oct. 31.  Prize is a Visa Gift Card.


Special Giveaway

Jeweler Gary Weinstein, owner of Weinstein Jewelry in Novi, plays the bug eating "Renfield" in Dracula.  To celebrate the show, his business will display a magnificent assortment of bug- themed jewelry in the Barn Lobby. Weinstein will hold a special raffle during the run of the show, offering ticket holders a chance to win a piece of jewelry valued at $500.


Cast Members

Gary Weinstein          Renfield                      Farmington Hills

Meredith Deighton   Mina                           Bloomfield Hills

Jennifer Beitzel          Lucy                            Northville

Keith Firstenberg      Harker                        Livonia

David Galido              Seward                       Novi

Rick Mickley               Dracula                       Keego Harbor

Guy Copland              Van Helsing                Berkley

Julia Spina-Kilar          Vixen/Attendant     West Bloomfield

Jayne Firstenberg     Vixen/Maid                Livonia

Armand Banooni       Attendant                   Farmington Hills

Production Team

John Boufford             Director                        Northville Township

Alisha Gellin               Asst. Director             West Bloomfield

Keith Janoch               Technical Director      Farmington Hills

Kristi Schwartz           Producer                      Canton Township

Laurel Stroud              Producer                      Redford Township

Allison Boufford         Lighting  Design          Northville Township                                     

Rachael Rose               Sound Design              Waterford Township

Pat Rodgers                 Sound Effects              Novi

Amy Poirier                Props                          Farmington Hills

Julie Vanderbeek         Costumes                    Ferndale

Bailey Boudreau         Costumes                    Ferndale

Paul Wingar                 Set Construction        

Pam Shapiro                Set Dressing                Farmington Hills

Maggie Gilkes             Set Dressing                Farmington Hills


Reserved seats for all shows are on sale now at the Farmington Players box office:      248-553-2955 or go online at  The Farmington Players also invite you to like their Facebook group page: "The Farmington Players Barn Theater."

The Barn is located at 32332 W. Twelve Mile Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334. It's the big white Barn on the North side of Twelve Mile just west of Orchard Lake Rd.