VIDEO: Los Angeles teen asks Kate Upton to prom via YouTube

CLEVELAND - One young man sets his sights for a prom date much higher than most high school seniors would.

Los Angeles teen Jake Davidson makes a comic yet compelling YouTube video asking model Kate Upton to attend his senior prom with him.

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The video shows Davidson in a series of places proposing reasons why Upton should join him for prom. As he does push-ups, showers, shaves, and gets dressed as if he were getting ready for prom, he compares Kate and himself, stating why they would be compatible.

Toward the end of the video, Davidson gets in his car and says "Kate, we can drive around all night…until 11, because that's my curfew."

The video soon went viral and his plea to take her to prom was heard by Upton. She responded in a tweet saying, "How could I turn down that video! I'll check my schedule."

This high school senior just may have a prom date to talk about for years to come.

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