Local coney dog eating champion DeSean Whipple to appear tonight on 'Let's Ask America' game show

(WXYZ) - A local man is set to appear on the new game show, Let's Ask America.

DeSean Whipple will appear on Monday night's episode. Right before the show airs at 7:30 pm, we'll talk with DeSean on 7 Action News at 7 p.m.

DeSean is also coming off his second coney dog eating championship in a row, eating ten at last week's American Coney Island championship in Detroit. That was just half a coney shy of the record he set last year.

Let's Ask America, hosted by Kevin Pereira, is a new TV game show that lets you, the home viewer, be a contestant from the comfort of your home via web chat.

Everyday, four contestants from around the country try to correctly answer national poll questions and compete to win up to $50,000 cash - right from their house! Don't miss it weeknights at 7:30pm, here on Channel 7! 

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