Mom thanks police officer for pulling her over & saving her son's life

ROCKWOOD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Usually when you  see flashing police lights signaling you to pull over, after you run a red light, it is bad news.  That turned out not to be the case for one mom driving in Rockwood earlier this month.

"He didn't ask for my driver's license and registration," explained Rhonda McArthur. "He looked at him (my son) and asked, ‘Is he okay?'"

McArthur told the officer her 10-year-old son Nickolas was not okay.  He was experiencing a life-threatening asthma attack. She was desperately racing to the hospital and nothing was going her way.

"I had meant to fill up that morning, but I didn't have time.  I was just hoping I would make it to the doctor," said McArthur.

"She had 10 miles to empty…" said Officer Nick Mitchell of the Rockwood Police Department.  "He was gasping for air."

Officer Mitchell called for an ambulance, but then hit another problem. There were none available. 

"A decision was made to put him in the police car and get him there as fast as we could," said Officer Mitchell.

A firefighter was able to arrive at the scene with oxygen. That firefighter jumped in the back of the patrol car with the boy and his mom. 

When they got to the hospital it took doctors some time to stabilize Nick, but thanks to the traffic stop, he is okay.

"I wasn't expecting this, but it feels good to help," said Officer Mitchell.

Rhonda McArthur calls everything that happened the work of God. She says she never thought she would be happy to be pulled over, but it is quite possible Officer Mitchell saved her son.

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