Tips for eating healthy and staying fit

(WXYZ) - Channel 7 is taking action for your health with a new "Healthy You" segments with tips on nutrition and how to stay fit.

Chris Simone and Shannon Tokarski from St. John Providence Hospital joined us in our studios with some great tips.

Chris is a physical therapist and Shannon is a nutritionist.

Nutrition Tips

1.            Consistent eating (not skipping meals)
2.            Taking time for yourself
3.            Eating fresh foods (not processed)
4.            Exercise

Get medical clearance before starting any exercise program - "See your doctor first."
Start slow & listen to your body - Do not try to make up for lost time and the idea of "No pain, no gain" is not always the best advice.            

Blend the types of exercise - Aerobic conditioning - core activity - weight training - stretching - and make it something you enjoy

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