A Whole New You: Body and Soul Medical Spa

Uniting body and soul for a healthier and more beautiful you. That is the goal and lifelong passion of Brazilian-born nurse and social worker, Rita Filippini.  She shares her holistic lifestyle with her clients at Body and Soul Medical Spa inside Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi.

Body and Soul offers a rare combination of the latest skin rejuvenation techniques to remove, reduce restore and reshape wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite and spider veins. The Herbal Deep Green Peel by Dr. Scrammek is offered to clients suffering from impure or damage skin.

Rita and Body and Soul's Medical Director, Dr. Brian Young, use their expertise and cutting edge technology, to provide lasting results for clients who choose body reshape and skin rejuvenation.

Body and Soul offers other services and products including health diets, essential oils, Janssen Cosmeceuticals skin care from Germany and Sothys skin care from France. The Velashape II technology helps men and women with abs reshaping, cellulite reduction and skin tightening.  It combines radio frequency, infrared light, mechanical massage and vacuum process.  There is even a yoga studio for a complete mind-body makeover.

Body and Soul's state of the art "Elos Plus" treatment reduces wrinkles and tightens skin.  It can help remove freckles, age spots and redness.  Active acne, rosecea, hemagioma, port wine stain venous lake and warts can be treated with V beam Technology.

The unique appeal of body and soul is growing as more men and women want to be healthier inside and out. Rita personally creates an individual treatment plan for each client to help them achieve optimum results.

Come discover how body and soul can help you look and feel your best with science, results and trust.
To make an appointment for a healthier and more beautiful you, call 248-735-4300 or book an appointment online.

Phone number: (248) 735-4300
Website: www.bodyandsoulmedicalspa.com



1.) What is in the Herbal Green Peel and how many peels will I need to see improvement in my skin?

The Herbal Deep-Peeling was medically developed by a German engineer for skin regeneration with only pure natural plant ingredients, which has been worldwide recognized and proven as a highly safe and successful method of a non-surgical procedure. The preparation is a compound of natural herbs without any chemical additives. It increases the blood circulation of the skin and causes the upper layers of the skin to peel off. The number of peels varies depending on the skin problem. For example, one treatment leaves skin improved, but treating scars and acne depend on severity 2-4 peels for all skin types. The Herbal Green Peel works better than chemical peels for dark skin.



2.) I understand that the Velashape II Technology involves using a vacuum process. Is the procedure painful?

Velashape II is not painful. There are 4 technologies in one device: infrared lights, radio frequency, vacuum and mechanical massage.  The client will feel they are getting a warm deep tissue massage during treatment.



3.) How Does the Elos Treatment Work?

Elos is the only technology combining optical and electrical energies improving the efficacy of results and safety during skin care treatment. No other technology on the market has the ability to offer light and radio frequency combined for optimal results.


4.) If I've been out in the sun, use a tanning bed, or use sunless tanning products; can I be treated with the V beam technology?

Because many of the lasers made by Candela have absorption by melanin/pigment, we advise that patients avoid ANY sun exposure, tanning beds, and sunless tanning products for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment and 2 weeks after. The only treatment that can be performed on patients with a tan is laser hair reduction and should only be performed using the GentleYAG laser. Still, patients should avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for 1 week prior to treatment and 2 weeks after. The Gentle YAG has no absorption of sunless tanning products


5.) Can the Janssen Cosmeceutical skin care lines be used on all ethic skin types?

Yes, Janssen Cosmeceutical skin care can be used on all skin types. Known as a cosmeceutical skin care line that really treats and helps rejuvenate the skin, the Janssen skin care line is formulated to treat each skin issue such as sensitive, oily, dry, combination and demanding.  Janssen also has an organic line that is available at Body and Soul Medical Spa. Often recommended for those that are having cancer treatment, Janssen Cosmeceutical skin care lines can help keep the skin moisturized when dryness can occur during treatment.





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