A Whole New You: Refined Images

Imagine loving every single item in your wardrobe.  What would it be like to open your closet and know you have the perfect thing to wear for any occasion  – and that you'll feel fabulous in it?  To know that your attire perfectly complements your professional goals, lifestyle, personality, and body? 

Chances are, you'd feel pretty good about yourself, and your life would change in many ways.

Refined Images helps you define and create that often-elusive visual presence that fuels your path to success in work, love, play -- in life.

For more information please contact Patty Buccellato of Refined Images at 248-650-2916 or by email at inquiry@refinedimages.net.

Phone: 248-650-2916
Website: http://www.refinedimages.net





Q.  Is an image consultation for me?

A.  If you read any of the following thinking "that's me," then image coaching may be for you.
• You're often unsure that your wardrobe supports your goals.
• You hate shopping for clothes because you don't know what to look for.
• You question if your clothing sends an accurate message of what you'd like others to know about you.
• You know that color can make you look brighter and healthier, but don't know which hues to choose.
• You've admired other women who seem to always dress well, and you wonder how they do it.
• You've watched/read makeover stories enviably wishing it were you getting the makeover.

Q.  Is it expensive?

A.  Services are offered at varying price points, depending upon the extent of coaching.  The most popular service is $625; others are less, some clients desire more.

Q.  Who are Refined Images typical clients?

A.  Most Refined Images clients are women who desire a more flattering and functional wardrobe.  They may be professionals; they may be stay-at-home moms.  What they share in common is the goal of owning only clothing that they feel fabulous in.

Q.  Is an image consultation like I see on TV reality shows? 

A.  You'll experience a kinder, gentler approach to a makeover when you come to Refined Images.  (No scolding; no shaming.)  You'll get helpful, encouraging advice that empowers you to look and feel your best.  You'll get tools instead of rules.  You'll see fashion myths busted so you understand what truly suits you, and you'll no longer be confined by fashion dictates.  You may even be surprised to find validation in some principles you've intuitively practiced, but not known how to define and duplicate.



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