Chrysler partners with Canadian council, university to develop electric powertrains

Total project investment of $18.2 million

(WXYZ) - Chrysler Group Partners have announced a partnership with the Canadian government and McMaster University in Toronto to develop advanced electric and hybrid powertrains. 

The total amount invested is $18.2 million with $9.25 million coming from Chrysler and $8.93 million from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.  McMaster University will contribute $943,000.

The research and development will primarily occur at McMaster University by research engineers, faculty members, engineering students and engineers from Chryslers' Global Electrified Powertrain Group. The partnership will also utilize the Chrysler's laboratories and test vehicles.

Chrysler believes the partnership will work to develop multiple prototypes for critical components, platforms and tools to strengthen the company's future electric product lines, such as powertrain architecture and optimization, electronics, electric machines, motor control, energy management and embedded software.

Energy storage with battery and ultra-capacitors will be a focus with Chrysler seeing the technological gains from the partnership and McMaster University students benefiting from training in a growing automotive industry.

Chrysler does not offer an electric vehicle as part of its Dodge or Chrysler brands but through it's partnership with Italian automaker Fiat, offers the 500e.  Fiat was part of financial takeover of Chrysler when the Auburn Hills automaker went bankrupt in 2009.  A U.S. government bailout provided financial resources to help Chrysler and General Motors emerge from bankruptcy.

Since 2009, Chrysler Group reports the automaker has invested $2.6 billion in projects  to develop clean-running, advanced engines and transmissions.

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