CRUISER PROFILE: Bill's 'Faked' 1974 Ford Maverick at the 2013 Woodward Dream Cruise

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Bill Horesell will tell you that the Ford Maverick is not a fancy car. His is something special. The license plate reads, "FAKED." That's what had us asking questions.

It turns out that Bill's 1974 Maverick is a pretty unique project car. He says it was in a barn for twenty years before he started turning it into exactly what he wanted.

Bill says he had a car like this as a kid. "The Mavericks were all rusty," he recalled.

When Bill restored this car, it didn't have the rust he wanted. So he painted his own.


Bill airbrushed the rust spots onto this car.

You can't really tell from a few feet away, but if you walk up close and run your finger over the rust spots, you'll notice: They're faked.

This is Bill's first trip down from Gaylord for the Dream Cruise. He called it, "A bucket list thing."

His 1974 Ford Maverick has the motor from a 1984 Ford Mustang under its hood.

He says he has a number of other great cars, but "none as fun as this."


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