Ford hourly workers get 2010 profit sharing checks

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - "I'm very happy, it is the best paycheck I've gotten in a long, long time."

That wasTracy Johnson's reaction after receiving her Ford profit sharing check.

More than forty thousand Ford hourly workers got their profit sharing bonuses, which average about five thousand dollars.

Andrew Laich will use his check for a trip to Reno, for a bowling tournament. Donna Montgomery plans to use hers to re-invest in the company by buying a new car.

"I'll probably be in the dealership tomorrow" said Montgomery. "I'm keeping my money at Ford" she added.

This is the highest profit sharing check at Ford since 2000.

Ford's salaried workers get their profit sharing checks tomorrow.

The company posted a profit of $6.6 billion for 2010.

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