GM working on rusty brake line fix

(WXYZ) - Ron Sangster owns a 2002 Chevy Silverado and he's the original owner. He has put more than 170,000 miles on his pick-up.

Ron takes care of his truck. Washes it regularly and always takes it to the dealer for routine service, but one day he was driving his pick-up and his brakes gave out.

"My brake line burst right over there in that driveway."

In September, 7 Action News featured the story of problems in older Chevy and GMC trucks with brake loss due to rusty brake lines, caused by liquid salt spread mostly in northern states.

NHTSA investigated the issue after tens of thousands of complaints in trucks built between 2000 and 2009 but ordered no recall.

GM's warranty usually doesn't cover the repair because of the age and mileage of the trucks, but they did offer a fix.

GM, through its dealers and parts supplier AC Delco, is offering an approved repair for only $500. The regular price can run up to $2000.

Ron saw our report and used that information in hopes of getting the cheaper fix.

"I told the parts people to track down this rebuilt kit that general motors told you about they found none at the dealer they work with. Later that day, I called two Chevy dealers... they knew nothing about it."

Ron wasn't the only one, our 7 Action News Facebook page lit up with drivers experiencing the same problem, so we contacted GM again.

In a statement the company responded with: "We are going to send a reminder to all 4,400 GM dealers and 94 AC Delco warehouses that this kit is available for use in addressing the rusting brake issue."

Too late for Ron, who gave up on the GM dealers and spent $1,100 to get his truck fixed at an independent shop.

Stanger believes General Motors should not only notify the dealers, but drivers too.

GM issued another statement saying they will contact TechConnect, a part supply publication to update the notification.

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