Test Driving Smart in Ann Arbor

All New Smart All-Electric Drive

ANN ARBOR (WXYZ) - With the price of gasoline going up as well as incentives from the government, more drivers are considering all-electric vehicles.

Here's a look at the all new Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, by Diamler Motors:

I hopped in the Smart car in downtown Ann Arbor and took the tiny topless ride for a run.

As I traveled the streets behind the wheel of a surprisingly solid car, I noticed it drives more like a luxury model. I shouldn't be surprised, after all, Smart is built by the maker of Mercedes, builder of sturdy and top-of-the-line luxury.

This peppy all-electric, two-seater gets107 MPG-E. Smart reports the car has a range of around 76 miles between charging.

Despite it's small stature, it's big on safety with eight standard airbags in each sedan, six in every convertible.

The convertible model we tested runs around $30,000, but currently there are $7,500 in incentives and the government is considering doubling those for 2014 plug-in vehicles.

For more, go to smartusa.com

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