Top 10 Most Patriotic Car-Buying States

TrueCar ranks states where drivers buy Big 3

(WXYZ) - What state is the most patriotic when it comes to buying cars from the Big 3?

Drive a Chrysler, Ford or GM, you are patriotic and most likely to live in Michigan.

The mitten state leads the way with the most purchased from Detroit's Big 3, according to released transaction figures to show the states with the highest percentage of domestic car purchases.

Almost all the cars on the road in Michigan are from Detroit's big three, where 79.2 percent of the state's drivers are behind the wheel of a domestic-made vehicle.

No surprise as the Big 3 are based in the Great Lakes state, but what about the rest of the U.S.?

Here's the list from

Percentage of drivers in states most likely to buy new domestic vehicles:

1 Michigan 79.2%
2 North Dakota 68.1%
3 South Dakota 65.6%
4 Iowa 63.2%
5 Wyoming 62.6%
6 Montana 61.1%
7 Nebraska 59.7%
8 Oklahoma 59.0%
9 Arkansas 55.7%
10 Indiana 54.5%

States least likely to buy new domestic vehicles

51 Hawaii 19.4%
50 District of
49 California 22.9%
47-T Connecticut 25.8%
47-T Massachusetts 25.8%
46 New Jersey 26.7%
45 Rhode Island 28.7%
44 Florida 29.8%
43 Maryland 30.3%
42 Washington 30.6%


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