92-year-old woman credits Call for Action team with fixing moving problem

(WXYZ) - A 92-year-old Shelby Township woman credits our Call for Action team for fixing a major moving problem.

Georgette Joiner's daughter Dianne Wilson hired Morse Moving and Storage to help with the move to New Mexico.  Joiner says the company had a good reputation and reasonable pricing.

But Morse Moving and Storage failed to deliver her mother's furniture on time.

Their contract with the company said the furniture would be delivered between July 18 and 28. On the 20 th, Wilson called to ask when they could expect the delivery.

Wilson says the moving company told her they were trying to find a driver. Despite repeated calls the company stopped calling her back.

Wilson finally decided to contact our Call For Action team on July 9. Next, our team called Morse. 

Wilson says it was about an hour and a half later the moving company called saying they had a delivery date. She  believes it was the Call For Action team that expedited the process but Morse disagrees. 

Joy Green with Morse sent us this quote:

"We have a normal 28 step follow-up for all customers moving out of the state of Michigan and because of the lateness of Ms. Joyner shipment there were many more calls.  Dates for pick up were on 6-13-13 through 6-15-13 and delivery was 6-18-13 to 6-28-13.  Ms. Joyner's shipment was delivered on 7-12-13 which put the shipment delivering 14 days late.  Customer felt that we were not communicating with them because we started receiving calls from 2 daughters with concerns.  Although we let them know that as soon as a truck was assigned they would be notified – I understand that they were upset as we could not give them a firm date.  Unfortunately Ms. Joyner did not qualify for a delay claim compensation as her shipment was too small.  Our customer service department began looking for a truck and calling and emailing the central dispatch every day.  We had to look at an alternative way to get Ms. Joyner's items to her so we crated all her belongings and sent them via freight company to an agent that was close to her so that they could deliver it out to her.  The customer calling wxyz [sic] had nothing to do with getting their belongs.  Us doing everything that we could possibly do to get them their belongings did though as we had 2 dispatch teams working on it along with our customer service team here at Morse Moving on a daily basis.  Thank you for working with us on this Vic – our goal is that all moves go trouble free – unfortunately this did not happen with Ms. Joyner's items."

Georgette did get her furniture and she is adjusting to life in New Mexico.

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