A Berkley woman's new laptop needed a few repair appointments so she asked Call For Action for help

The company then called her to fix the problem

BERKLEY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Wendi Zabramski bought a new laptop for Christmas last year.  But by summer, it started needing repair work or new parts. 

It was difficult to be without her laptop because she uses it to communicate better with her relatives.


She bought the brand new Hewlett Packard laptop last December.

But this past July, Zabramski told WXYZ that the HP ENVY Dv6 Notebook started freezing up.

"The light would blink at the lock tab, and that was an indication to them that something was wrong," said Zabramski.

The notebook was still covered under warranty.  So, in late July Mrs. Zabramski sent it to Hewlett-Packard for a fix after the company sent her a box for shipping.


HP repaired or replaced the ram memory, the touchpad, the mother board, and the hard drive-- all at no cost to her.  Then HP shipped it back to her.

But Zabramski said the laptop would work for a little bit, but it would then freeze up again.

She contacted HP about this.  The company sent her a "recovery kit" disc to run, but she said it did not do the trick.

Finally, in late August, Zabramski said she shipped it to HP again.  When she got it back, the receipt indicated HP had repaired or replaced the hard drive and the ram memory again.

After experiencing a few more glitches, Hewlett Packard asked her ship the laptop back a third time.

That's when she decided to call the Call For Action volunteers for some assistance.


One of our volunteers contacted the company and told Zabramski that she'd be hearing from Hewlett-Packard within the week.

Four days later she did.

"I received a call from the Executive for Customer Service," she explained. "Success!" she smiled.

She sent the laptop back to HP as part of a buy-back program.

HP sent her two gift cards totaling $600.00. 

She used them to buy a new HP laptop online.

Hewlett-Packard sent a statement which read in part:

"HP is committed to delivering an excellent support experience to all customers. Our goal is to get it right on time, the first time, every time.  HP has billions of customers and handles millions of customer support interactions each year. HP resolves the vast majority of customers' support issues to their satisfaction."


Mrs. Zabramski is indeed satisfied.  She's still a big fan of HP products.

During the weeks of trouble-shooting with her first laptop,she even purchased a new HP printer.

Now she is communicating regularly again with all her relatives on facebook via her new HP laptop.

"I thank Hewlett Packard for the new laptop," she said. 

"I really thank Channel 7 for coming through, I wasn't getting anywhere, and you see things on TV that it works.  And it did work. And I'm just so pleased," she added.


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