An elderly Allen Park woman had a prescription for a motorized chair but kept getting the runaround

Dorothy Fromm had been waiting since December

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - 71-year-old Dorothy Fromm had been anxiously waiting to get a motorized chair her doctor prescribed for her, but a home health care supplier kept giving excuses that delayed the delivery.

Fromm uses a cane to get around her apartment.

"I have to stop every 10 to 15 steps and catch my breath and start over again," she said.

The diabetic, asthmatic told 7 Action News that she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart in December.  She explained that she cannot use a wheelchair because of an arm injury two years ago.

"I was a hermit in my own house," she explained.

She said her doctor prescribed a motorized chair so she could get around.

She turned the prescription over to her health care nurse who sent it to Binson's Home Health Care.

Dorothy said a representative measured her for the chair in February, but she said her scooter request was denied two weeks later.

"They couldn't find any [prescription] from my doctor, so he faxed over another one," she explained.  "And then about a week later, the girl called me, and she said it's no good. He didn't fill it out completely."

 Fromm said in March she and her doctor met to fill out a 23-page questionnaire.  They faxed it to Binson's.

"I heard nothing, and I kept calling and calling, She said, 'Nothing's here yet. Nothing's here yet. Nothing's here yet.' That's all I heard," she recalled.

She contacted WXYZ's Call For Action team in early April.  Our volunteers started working the case.

Later that month, Fromm received a letter from National Government Services, Inc. related to her Medicare.  The letter indicated that her prior authorization request for a power mobility device was denied because documentation was insufficient.

But after our Call For Action volunteers contacted Binson's, she received a temporary scooter.

Then about two-and-a-half months after she had emailed the Call For Action team initially, she finally received her motorized chair.

"Without them, I don't believe I would have this chair."

She's now grateful to have more freedom. 

"Miraculously, I got my own chair," she smiled.

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