An inaccurate bill gets wiped away for a Waterford woman thanks to the Call For Action Team

SOUTHFIELD, MI (WXYZ) - For nine months, a Waterford woman received a medical bill stating she owed hundreds of dollars that she says she didn't owe. 

Angela Miles fought it tooth and nail. She was told everything would be fine by Binson's Home Health Care, however, it really wasn't until she contacted our Call For Action team.

Angela has sleep apnea and uses a c-pap machine for rest.  She orders new parts for the unit every six months from Binson's and has for five years.

She never had a problem until all of sudden she started to receive a bill stating she owed hundreds of dollars more than usual. 

She immediately called Aetna, her insurance company, to find out what was going on. After months of research, calls and confusion as to why she kept receiving this bill, she decided to call our team.  They were able to help her by contacting Binsons, who was in contact with Aetna. 

In the end, everything worked out for Angela.  We appreciate Binson's taking care of the issue and working with Angela to make sure her issues with billing are taken care of. 


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