Bankrupt medical group in Dearborn seeks help in getting large refund

Our volunteers assisted in resolving refund issue

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - An office manager of a medical group that went through bankruptcy was frustrated when repeated calls about a refund question were going unanswered.

Stephanie Lopiccolo had spent a lot of time on the phone looking for answers.

The business she for worked more than a year ago was Affiliated Medical of Dearborn – which ran a mobile MRI unit.

Lopiccolo said the average power bill for it was $5,000-to-$7,000 per month.

That's not a bill you want to miss. 

But in October of 2011, that's what happened.

"Our bills were being paid by an accountant so the bill got missed. So the service actually got cut off," said Lopiccolo.

To get the power back on, Affiliated Medical had to pay DTE Energy a deposit of $12,796.00 and then pay the monthly bill on time for 12 months in a row.

"After a year of good payments, we were to receive the refund plus 6-percent interest. So on Sept. 29th of 12, we began calling to find out how we needed to initiate that refund coming back to us," she explained.

To complicate matters, it was about that time Lopiccolo says Affiliated Medical of Dearborn filed for bankruptcy protection.

So the office needed the refund more than ever to help pay creditors.

Lopiccolo said she called DTE more than 20 times, left messages, and rarely received a return call.

"Oh, it was crazy. We were, you know, dealing with the transition from the one company to another in addition to moving. So this was hanging over our heads. I was getting pressure from the powers that be. 'Where's this money. We really need it, we really need it!  But I couldn't get anywhere," she said.

So she decided to email WXYZ's Call For Action team.

Our volunteers got in touch with DTE to try to connect the dots in this case.

Finally in mid-September, Affiliated Medical received the check that the office had been waiting for.

It was for $8395.79.

DTE Energy sent us this statement:

            The deposit was not immediately refunded because there was a remaining balance and any refund had to be manually processed.  DTE Energy regrets the inconvenience.

Lopiccolo is relieved the matter is behind her.

"It was just one big black mark hanging out there that we wanted to get resolved.  And thanks to the Call For Action team, we did it!"

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