Beverly Hills couple needed help getting some plants replaced that were covered under warranty

Landscaping project needed some attention

BEVERLY HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Jim and Gail Hiller wanted to honor Gail's late mother by adding a memorial garden.  But almost a year after the landscaping project was finished, a few of the plants under warranty died.

"I wanted to have something that would be a memory garden for her because she loved roses, and she liked to garden," Mrs. Hiller said describing her mother Patricia Sloan.


In April of 2012, the Hillers paid E and K Outdoor Services more than $5300.00 for the landscaping job.

The project included dozens of evergreens and rosebushes -- all covered under a 12-month guarantee. The Hillers were happy when the landscaping project was completed.  

But of the 166 bushes put into the ground, 14 of them died within the one year warranty.

Mr. Hiller said he called the company eight times between April and July to ask for replacement plants.

Finally, a crew came out in early July to remove the dead plants.

Before they left, Mr. Hiller said they promised to return with fresh plants.

"He says I will be back Friday, Saturday, or Monday and replace. I said okay. Truck went down the driveway and never came back," recalled Mr. Hiller.


Seeing the gaps in their memorial garden everyday just fertilized their frustrations.

By September they didn't even want replacements.

They just wanted a refund.

"Well, all my friends on facebook said call Channel 7, they get the job done! And we've been watching the story for years. So Jim, did. He called one day," said Mrs. Hiller.


One of WXYZ's Call For Action volunteers contacted the company in late September.

By the end of October, the Hillers had received two reimbursement checks totaling $546.00.

David Esshaki -- the owner of E and K Outdoor Services -- sent us a statement saying in part:

            " We had gotten extremely backed up with our work during the season. We had just forgotten to bring the plants to Mr. Hiller's home.  When we received the call from WXYZ, that was our reminder, and we resolved the issue immediately and also offered to bring over the plants...we take pride in making sure our clients are satisfied."

The Hillers opted for the refund and were very grateful to get the checks in the mail.

"We did a happy dance," said Mrs. Hiller. 

"We were two people with big smiles," added Mr. Hiller.


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