Call for Action team goes to work to save a widowed woman's home

(WXYZ) - "God take my life before you take my home, please.  Please God; don't let them take my home from me please."

That's what Aziza Mattook said, sobbing into a handkerchief inside the Dearborn District Courthouse, as she awaited a special hearing to discuss the status of her Dearborn home.

You see, at 65-years-old Aziza is a widow who lives all alone. She has been fighting tooth and nail with her lender for the last two years to save her tiny 2-bedroom home.

She fell into foreclosure after missing approximately 18-months of mortgage payments.

With no one to help her, Aziza, who emigrated to this country years ago from the Middle East, called me and asked Channel 7 to take action for her.

Right away, I contacted Moose Schieb, the owner and president of Loan Mod.Com.

Loan Mod is a loan modification company that has worked with over 10,000 struggling home owners nationwide to modify their home loans with lenders and reduce their monthly house payments.

Moose is currently working hard to keep Aziza from being thrown out of her house.

He even managed to raise almost $16,000 so he could buy Aziza's home outright from her bankers, but so far the bank has refused to take the money and sell Moose the home.

But Aziza is by no means alone in this struggle to hold onto the "American Dream."

"There are millions of people in this country who are upside down on their homes, they owe more than the home is worth, and they are paying astronomical finance rates for these homes because they can't refinance, and they simply don't know how to modify their home loan," Moose says.

The truth is that all of these people could save at least $10,000 apiece if they could get their lenders to modify their loans.

Now to help those people, stuck in Aziza's position, Moose is quickly developing a brand new computer software package for retail sale, called Loan MD.

It's a low cost software program, like Turbo Tax, the product that has revolutionized how people do their own taxes.

It would allow regular people like you and me to do their own home loan modification all by themselves just by navigating through a simple program.

Loan MD is expected to retail for somewhere around $100-dollars, just as Turbo Tax did when it was first launched.

Loan MD will be given to all veterans, free of charge, once the product hits the marketplace.

In fact, you can learn much more about Loan MD and what it can do for you as a homeowner, just by going to a special website:

As for Aziza, since Moose and I started working to help her has agreed to put everything on hold for now.

That means Aziza can stay in her Mead Street home while Moose continues to work things out in the courts.

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